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In the 20th century, the world economy developed at a rapid rate thanks to the effective support of the energy industry, which accounts for most of it from fossil energy. Entering the 21st century, the world is gradually becoming aware of serious environmental problems caused by the exploitation and use of energy from coal and gas: ecological imbalance, destroyed geological strata , climate change, air pollution, water pollution,… In Europe alone every year, there are 28.6 million cases of respiratory diseases, 18,200 premature deaths, and health costs due to the impact of climate change. coal is estimated at up to 50 billion USD/year (according to GreenID). Besides, the reserves of these fossil energy fields are also gradually being exhausted, and it is forecasted that in 2050 energy output will no longer meet the world’s demand (according to HSBC).

Towards the goal of Sustainable Development, the world has gradually replaced fossil energy with renewable energy sources with clean, limitless and environmentally friendly advantages. Among them, Solar Energy is considered to have the highest applicability thanks to its infinite potential, wide distribution density and especially high efficiency with a lot of solar radiation near the equator.

Many countries in the world such as the US, Japan, China, … have very successfully applied Solar Energy. In Vietnam, this trend is also being strongly received and encouraged and supported by the Government and financial institutions.

Realizing this urgent need, PPG Holdings Corporation has launched CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM – Solar Power Solution. At CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM, we always strive and innovate with the desire to bring energy freedom to every Vietnamese, protect the environment and contribute to helping Vietnam develop in harmony with the world.

CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM is proud to be a strategic partner of units with the same vision on energy and environment such as PPG Holdings, The Long Hai resort, Catholic Academy, Catholic Church system,…

Vietnam is facing the risk of electricity shortage in the period of 2020-2025 and the following years. Thermal power and hydroelectricity are not enough to meet the needs of more than 95 million people in Vietnam (source: EVN’s general director, Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan).
CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM has a goal by 2025 to contribute to solve 30% of the renewable energy demand in Vietnam, contribute to support the country’s electricity shortage problem and bring about energy freedom for every Vietnamese.
To achieve that, CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM builds resource management tools, strategic management tools and system management tools with the goal of developing CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM according to a separate strategy: Becoming a company has a distinct personality, creating different added values but still in line with international practices and quality standards of the solar energy industry in Vietnam as well as in the world.
Although not a pioneer, we believe that with the potentials and separate strategies, CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM will grow stronger and affirm its capacity and position in the Solar Energy industry. Heaven in Vietnam.

We orient the development of CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM with our own strategy


Freedom is an inevitable human need and a goal of social development. Not out of that need, freedom of energy or more specifically freedom of electricity is a very urgent thing in the period when fossil energy is exhausted and increasingly polluting.
Energy freedom means that each individual, each family, and each business has the ability to self-supply and share the electricity used for life and production activities, no longer depending on the national electricity grid. family.
Energy freedom helps each person to control the energy source for daily life, helping businesses to be proactive in production. Self-reliance on clean, limitless and zero-emission electricity sources will help improve the quality of life, reduce the impact on the environment, and reduce the load on the national electricity grid. This will be a strong premise for national economic development.
CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM was born with the mission of accompanying customers in the journey to reduce environmental pollution as well as freedom in electricity, freedom in economy and life.
Economic development in parallel with environmental protection is the core of Sustainable Development, bringing Vietnam in tune with the development of the world.

JUSTICE – Respect commitment, fairness and integrity
CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM always takes a righteous attitude towards customers, partners and employees as a guideline in its activities.
For customers: We listen, understand, offer solutions that are suitable for customers’ needs and financial capabilities and are honest in solution implementation.
For partners: We share core values to work together towards common goals, respecting the agreed upon agreements on benefits and responsibilities.
For employees: We openly share, listen, support, develop together.
Creativity is the foundation of our development. CONGNGHEXANHVN.COM takes the initiative